2019 Special Offers

Sorry, there are no special offers available at the moment.


General Notes: Specials & Last Minute Bookings* Require The Same
$200 Cleaning & Damage Retainer (CDR) As All Other Bookings.

Full Rental Payment & CDR Are Normally Due 10 Days Before Arrival,
At Which Time Standard Cheques Are Acceptable And Preferred As Payment,
However Other Payment Options Such As Cash, PayPal (VISA or Mastercard),
or e-Transfer (Bank Account) Are Also Available.

*Full Rental Payment & CDR On Last Minute Bookings Must Be
Received At Least 3 Days Before Arrival (Only When Agreed Upon) And
Payment May Be Made By Certified Cheque, Cash, PayPal, or e-Transfer.
Standard Cheques Are Not Accepted If Less Than 10 Days Before Arrival.

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